Gresford Methodist Church

Chester Road, Gresford, LL12 8PA

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Due to Covid 19 all Methodist Churches have been closed but are now being allowed to open again.

At Gresford we will be holding our first service on Sunday, 16th August.

As part of our risk assessment we recognise that some people are more vulnerable than others to Covid 19 and its consequences. We also understand that others will be wary about attending church. The weekly circuit zoom service will continue and it is also our intention to make the service at Gresford available online in the future.

Wrexham Circuit are still holding a service using Zoom at 10.30 am on a Sunday morning.
For the meeting code please contact us.
Service sheets can be found here.
People who are unable to join us on zoom are encouraged to read through the service sheet at 10.30 on a Sunday morning so that they are taking part in the same service at the same time.


Dear friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I’m writing with good news, which is that we are hoping to start worship in Gresford Methodist Chapel on Sunday, 16th August at 10.30am.

It won’t be straightforward, though, so I need to explain a bit more.

First, this is dependent on the Church Council agreeing.  The Church Council meets on Wednesday, 12th August.  The Leadership team have done a lot of work assessing the likely risks and working a way round them, and I believe it is as safe as we can make it.  The Circuit Leadership Team has already agreed that we can open, and we do so with their blessing and encouragement.  They have asked us to keep them informed as to how things work so that we can guide other churches. 

However, we will not be returning to worship as it was before.  We won’t be able to sing or use the organ, and we will need to maintain social distancing.  This means that the church will be laid out very differently, and the number of people we can accommodate in worship will be very much reduced – maybe below 30.  Stewards will be asking you to fill the chairs from the front, and to sit by yourself or in family groups.  Because of this, if you wish to sit together as a family you will need to enter church at the same time.  If several people arrive at the same time we may need to ask you to wait in the car park for a few moments, keeping socially distanced.  We won’t be using books, so any words that we wish to say together will be on the screen.  You will also be asked to leave contact details should we need to assist ‘Track and Trace’. 

After the service, the rear seats will be asked to leave first.  We will not be able to shake hands or continue fellowship over coffee.

Masks are not compulsory in Wales, but we do encourage you to wear one. 

The services are likely to be half an hour to 40 minutes long, and at the moment we will not be able to celebrate Communion.

There will be an offertory plate available in the entry vestibule, but we need to reduce the amount of cash being handled, so we are asking you to consider setting up a standing Order or making a single donation online. 

There are a lot of ‘do nots’ in all of this, so let’s look at the good things.  We will be able to meet with fellow Christians to worship the God we know through Jesus Christ.  We will be able to support and encourage each other.  Although we can pray by ourselves and we can pray anywhere, it is good to be able to offer our prayers together in the building we call our spiritual home.  And I hope that we will soon be able to share our services online. 

I also want to say that I can understand that some people will be wary about coming back to church.  Please do not feel under pressure, just because the church building is open.  The Circuit Zoom services will continue, and we will still be sending out the weekly worship sheets.  At some stage, we hope to Zoom our own services as well.  You are still very much a part of the congregation whether you feel able join us for Sunday worship or whether you feel you want to worship at home until you feel the time is right for you to join us – and that may be some months away yet.  I have attached a document that may help you assess your risk.

I welcome any comments or questions you may have. 

May the Peace of Christ be with you all.

Yours sincerely,

(Rev) Richard Parkes
Minister, Gresford Methodist Church